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 E-Sniping #2 : Ruleset (English Version)

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Admin/Organisateur Wii U
Admin/Organisateur Wii U

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E-Sniping #2 : Ruleset (English Version) Empty
MessageSujet: E-Sniping #2 : Ruleset (English Version)   E-Sniping #2 : Ruleset (English Version) EmptyVen 4 Oct - 13:39

Date :
Deadline registration : Friday October 11th, 18h GMT/5pm CET.
Start of Tournament : Sundays, October 13th: 1pm-7pm GMT Paris, Madrid/12am-6pm CET London.

Signing up : here !

General Rules :

This tournament is run by a double elimination bracket. This means, after starting in Winners Bracket Round 1, once you lose a match (series), your team will be sent to the Losers Bracket where you will continue playing through the Losers Bracket Rounds until you lose again, effectively eliminating your team.
BO 5 : LB & WB Final
BO 3 : Other matches

Registrations :

Deadline of inscriptions : Friday, September 27th at 6 pm
During your registration, you have to supply the composition of your roster of four members by giving four identifiers Nintendo Network and Skype of the captain. The composition of your roster can change until your first match, thank you for warning us if that was the case.
For every roster, a captain must be indicated.
This captain is the link between the roster and the organization. He's responsible for his roster and is in charge of posting the results of the matches of his roster on Skype.

List of participants:
in coming

Liste of pick-up:
in coming

Deadline Matches :

The first matches can begin from Saturday if the teams are available. On Sundays a maximum delay of 30 minutes is authorized for the 1st match. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify a team or to change the duration of a match (BO1, BO3, BO5).

Host :

The top team on the bracket will host the first map and the bottom team will host the second. This will alternate for each map if/until a tie breaker map is needed. If there is a tie in round count, the lower ranked (furthest from 1, or if unranked, team ID closest to 0) team will host the tie breaker map.

On games where Hosting is not server-based, teams should play a Lag Test Map, for roughly 30 seconds, to determine if the Host is acceptable.  It is the responsibility of the team not hosting to ask for a lag test. Players launch into the Map and play for 30 seconds to test the connection.

If it is determined that the Host is not acceptable, a new Lag Test should be performed with a new Host. Test Maps should be played using a Game Type and Map that the teams are not scheduled to play.

If the host enters the wrong rules or players don’t have the correct classes, restart the game.

Please make sure you turn match recording on, and in the case of disputes please attach match winning proof when you submit your results.

The following actions will not be accepted:
- Disputing cup matches when you have lost.
- Attempting to claim free match wins when the game is not complete. For example if the other team is a few minutes late or gets the rules wrong at the start of the game then reporting the default win to you.
- Kicking the other team’s members out of the match lobby and reporting that they did not show to the match.

Match Rules/Settings :

E-Sniping V3.1

- Every roster has the right to replacement, this replacement cannot play in two different rosters. Player's change can be made in the course of match or in the course of map. If two different replacements are used by a roster, this one is eliminated. Spectators in cod-casting are not authorized, not set apart the streamers possible. If a spectator wishes to look at the match, he has to have the authorization of one of the two equip and to put itself in spectator in this team with the tag SPEC.

Maps : Edition Friday 11th

Disconnecting :

- In case of logout of a player, the host immediately has to stop the game and note the score and the remaining time. The party starts again where it had stopped, the host has to think of modifying the regulations of the game (time limit/score (HP)),(rounds(RD)).

- If a second disconnection intervenes during the same map and for the same team, the game is not interrupted.

- If you have any other problems please contact an admin or referee (skype : un.choux).

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E-Sniping #2 : Ruleset (English Version)
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